Postal Savings Bonds, New Launch by Poste Italiane. This has incredible returns

Postal savings bonds are competitive again. After modernization, rates of return have become the best investment solution. Here is the latest news launched by Poste Italiane.

Postal savings bonds Italians are increasingly sought after. After years of hiatus due to poor yields and living in the shadows of treasury bills, finally after updating interest rates, we are back to talking about it.

Poste Italiane, on the occasion of its 160th anniversary, has launched a series of new Postal Savings Bonds, including 3 years plus voucher, renewal voucher and sustainable savings voucher.

The increase in interest rates has been driven by increasingly severe inflation in recent months causing a loss of purchasing power for Italians.

This increase was first in newly issued savings bonds with rates that have since passed From 0.5 to 2%, the increase thus affected bonds already in circulation.

This increase by Cassa Depositi e Prestiti restored competitiveness Postal bonds.

Among the many in Poste Italiane’s portfolio, a new number appears. It comes with an extension Postal savings bond 3 years or more Which offers a total annual return to maturity 1.50%.

So let’s see all the features of the newly issued postal bonds.

Postal Savings Bonds, New Launch by Poste Italiane. This has incredible returns

For a few months now I am Postal savings bonds They are back to being the most popular tool with Italian savers. This increase in interest was mainly due toIncrease rates of return By Cassa Depositi e Prestiti.

These are short-term and medium-term savings solutions, which is why Italians are so sought after. We know very well that Italian families have a low appetite for risk They prefer to invest in solutions with certain returns rather than those with greater uncertainty.

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Savings bonds are issued by Depositary and Loan Fundbut he is interested in distributing it Italian Post. They are tools guaranteed by the state, and when they expire, they allow it get the Pay off the entire principal and interest accumulated until that time.

A few days ago, the news of the new release Postal savings bonds From Poste Italiane. We are talking about savings bonds with a duration of 3 years as well as issued, which is characterized as a savings product intended for clients who want to invest their money in the short term.

But what are the features?

Postal savings certificate “BFP at 3 years plus” It is a short-term personal financial solution that provides recognition of a fixed rate of return at maturity.

for him The term is three years and cannot be transferred. Like all postal savings bonds, it can be repaid at any time and can only be repaid to a natural person.

The expected return is determined at the time of subscription and is determined in advance, there are no management and subscription costs, only tax fees are considered.

There is no inheritance tax on these vouchers and they are subject to a tax of 12.50%.

Postal Savings Bonds 3 Years Plus: This Is How They Get Subscribed

Postal savings certificate for 3 years It can be signed at any post office Or through the BancoPosta application or online by presenting your identification document and tax code.

Like most postal savings bonds, it can be subscribed for as little as €50 and multiples.

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to me paper postal savings bonds, The rights of the holders to see the principal has been repaid in addition to the payment of interest fall into the lapsed prescriptions 10 years from the expiration date.

On the contrary I am ethereal It is not described It is paid directly at expiration automatically to the owner’s account.

Postal Savings Bonds 3 Years Plus: Here’s an investment simulation

Are you thinking of investing 5,000 euros in savings bonds and want to know the return? Well, on the Deposits and Loans website there is a calculator or it is better defined as semulator Thanks to this, the performance of the voucher was verified throughout the subscription period.

If you would like to subscribe to A new postal savings certificate, 3 years or more You can use simulations to calculate the yield.

by entering Amount (5,000 euros) there Subscription date (01/20/2023)the simulator will generate a series of calculations for Get the yield until maturity (total yield 1.50%).

For this type of bond, the calculation shows that the net redemption value at maturity is 5199.84 euros.

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