PlayStation announced a partnership with Discord –

Play Station Carry one partnership With Disagreement. This was announced by CEO Jim Ryan in person on the SIE corporate website, who spoke about the ongoing collaboration between the well-known communication software team and PlayStation One, to integrate Discord into the PlayStation Network’s social networking and gaming experience.

Our goal is to bring the Discord and PlayStation experiences on console and mobile together starting early next year, allowing friends, groups and communities to connect, enjoy and communicate more easily while playing together.Ryan said more than pleased to break the news.

Ryan A. Sony investment In Discord, which acquired a minority stake in it. Naturally, both sides are pleased with the agreement that they see as a strategy for their future. In fact, entering the PlayStation world means gaining millions of other users.

It should be noted that in recent weeks there has been talk of the possibility that Microsoft has been in talks with Discord to buy the platform. However, the row appears to have rejected the Redmond House’s economic flattery. It seems he considered it profitable to strike a deal with Sony.

Anyway, this is great news for PlayStation users, given the variety and quality of Discord compared to other communication platforms.

PlayStation and Discord together
PlayStation and Discord together

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