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Title: India’s Wealthy Seek Black Market for Ozempic, Illegally Tapping into Popular Weight Loss Solution

In a shocking development, affluent Indians are resorting to the black market to acquire the highly sought-after diabetes drug, Ozempic. Considered a secret weight loss solution, this injectable form of semaglutide is not yet licensed in India but continues to be illegally sold throughout the country.

A recent investigation in Mumbai revealed that a local chemist offered to sell a 1mg pre-filled pen of Ozempic for a staggering ₹22,000. To entice buyers, the chemist even promised same-day home delivery. However, this illicit transaction required advance payment and came without a bill – a clear indication of its underground nature.

Similarly, a wholesale dealer in Delhi boasted about their ability to supply any quantity of Ozempic injectables for just ₹19,500. Shockingly, no prescription or bill was required, making it clear that these dealings thrive in a legal grey area.

Although specific sales figures were not provided, the dealer confidently claimed that the demand for Ozempic has surged over the past few months. This unprecedented upswing in popularity among affluent Indians is due to the drug’s reputation as a potential weight loss aid. The drug’s use for weight management has not been formally approved in India, leaving those desperate to shed pounds willing to risk the illegal market.

Ozempic, a revolutionary prescription medication, has been hailed globally as an effective treatment for type 2 diabetes. The drug works by regulating blood sugar levels and promoting weight loss. With a proven track record of success worldwide, many Indians are eager to access this alleged weight loss miracle.

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Yet, as Ozempic remains unlicensed in India, access to the drug is restricted to patients participating in clinical trials. Unfortunately, this has created a lucrative underground market that tap into the desires of weight-conscious individuals willing to take the risk.

While the allure of quick weight loss proves irresistible to many, it is important to note that the use of Ozempic under medical supervision is crucial to the drug’s safe and effective administration. The illegal acquisition of this drug bypasses vital medical protocols, putting users at potential risk.

Authorities are taking notice of this concerning trend and have initiated investigations into the black market sale of Ozempic. However, cracking down on these operations and ensuring the drug’s formal approval in India may take time.

As the demand for Ozempic continues to escalate, it becomes apparent that urgent regulatory action is imperative. Ensuring affordable, legal access to this breakthrough medication should be a priority. It is high time for the Indian healthcare system to address the concerns of those resorting to the black market and provide safe, regulated avenues to obtain Ozempic legally.

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