Other than hair styling, here are two alternatives to hair dye at home as well as a natural method

How often does it happen that you want to make a drastic change in appearance, perhaps by dyeing your hair? But it may happen that we give up making this desire a reality for fear of not being liked.

The pigments stay on for a long time, even for months, and we still had a color that might not be what we wanted.

Besides, dyes are not very healthy for hair, especially if we have to do bleaching. However, there are temporary solutions with which we can do a color test or have some fun.

Other than hair styling, here are two alternatives to hair dye at home as well as a natural method

If we really want to change our look, but prefer a temporary color test, there are viable alternatives to the hairdresser.

In this article we will talk about these less persistent dyes as well as a natural dye for our hair care. These are practical, possible by anyone and effective methods.

Temporary color shampoo

There are shampoos readily available in every supermarket and very easy to use to get temporary color.

There are many brands that sell this product in different colors, both for women and for men. In general, the steps to be taken are as follows:

  • Apply the product to damp hair
  • Message
  • Leave it on for 20 minutes
  • rinse

In any case, it is always important to read the directions on the packaging, as they can vary from one product to another. In addition, it may happen that some color remains on the towel used to pat the hair, but nothing that cannot be resolved by spinning in the washing machine. Color lasts with these products for approximately 28 washes.

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The can spray for a day of craziness can be sprayed with colored hair

For a crazy day, we can color our hair and then, with just one wash, make it look just like before. You can do this with specific spray cans available in many colors, even bold colors like green or orange.

It is very easy to find such boxes in supermarkets or stores where they sell certain carnival products.

Nothing is easier than coloring your hair this way – just spray the product on your hair and it will dry in no time. However, care must be taken with the mouth and eyes.

Always read the instructions and be careful if this happens sensitiveBecause these products can irritate the most sensitive and sensitive skin.

So, other than hair styling, here are two alternatives to hair dye at home as well as a natural method. Let’s find out how it works.

natural coloring method

So far we have talked about practical solutions that are applied independently, but still have a chemical basis. If we are afraid of damaging our hair, we can also choose a natural dye that will make it shiny and strong. Henna is one of the most famous and most effective. in a This article Complete instructions on where to buy it, in what quantity, how to prepare it and how to apply it.

(The information in this article is for informational purposes only. We do not know our readers’ habits of using tools, ingredients and products for personal care. For this reason it is recommended to take the utmost care and care in the use of tools, ingredients and products commonly used for personal care and make-up, and in any case, it is highly recommended to read the warnings received Who is the”)

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