Final Fantasy 7, Kainosaurus’ Yuffie cosplay is really cool –

Final Fantasy 7 It continues to inspire costume designers all over the world and in this case we are looking at a character who is not used much in this matter. DisguiseOr, cute Yofi, Played before Kinosaurus

The ninja fighter was a wonderful character Elusive In the original version of Final Fantasy 7 and appears to have been removed directly from the Final Fantasy 7 Remake process, except for returning as a hero with the arrival of Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade, the new version of the game with Next Gen upgrade For the PS5 and specifically adding the character in question.

Anyone who played the original Final Fantasy 7 game will likely remember the fact that Yuffie isn’t a particularly direct character To findYou need to do several actions to be able to add it to your party and it might not necessarily work. Also for this reason, the girl became very popular among fans of Square Enix, as well as her really good looks.

The Yuffie reproduced by Kainosaurus is actually nicer even than the original character in the game, which makes this costume even more adorable. So let’s see Ninja Dreamy pictured below, in all its glory.

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