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With th Legendary version of Mass Effect, Bioware will do more than just graphically rewrite the three chapters of the original trilogy, but it will also bring some tweaks to the narrative style. For example, the camera will not remain standing on some Female buttocksAnd put them in first floorAs was the case in the original trilogy. To explain the changes was environmental director Kevin Meek, in an interview with Metro.

Who does not remember the exciting dialogues with Miranda Lawson In Mass Effect 2, where you can enjoy his buttocks between one pulse? In Mass Effect Legendary Edition, the camera has been raised to avoid potential embarrassment.

Sit begs Shepherd Mannequin, To avoid impromptu gynecological visits while playing.

At the time of Mass Effect 2’s publication, Miranda’s buttocks are a true meme, so much so that she spawned more than a few bad moods against Bioware for that stranger, as a free choice. There were those who renamed it Ass effect To emphasize the insistence of details. Perhaps with the new chapter we wanted to completely avoid remembering that unpleasant episode, so it was decided to intervene.

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