Omicron, Family Physicians to the Breakdown: “We Can’t Stand the Shock Wave” – ​​Chronicle

Naples, December 30, 2021 – General practitioners overwhelmed with patients, the alternative Omicron It puts domestic medicine in crisis. “for us Studies overwhelmed, such as intensive care during the first wave. number.We won’t be able to hold out for much longer Variable effect Omicron, which does not lead to a large number of hospitalizations, but instead falls entirely to Family Physician Care Management.for shooting toRisk alert from the collapseGeneral practitioners are family physicians in Fig Campania.

Covid Campania December 30, today 11492 injuries and 10 deaths. De Luca: “Lockdown for no-Vax”

Campania doctors are calling for attention to a problem “These days are likely to go unnoticed, but in the coming weeks it may Exploding in all her drama“. But not only. And while everyone is looking at hospitals and occupancy rates in ICUs and regular wards, the region that is the heart of healthcare is in danger of jumping in.”

“He withstood this shock wave – he says Corrado Calamaro, Administrative Secretary Fimg – That’s not possible. Lower severity of Covid patients translates to A Download impossible to support, also because all the bureaucracy associated with disease management“.

Beyond Omicron? “The next wave of Covid will be like bad flu season.”

Between positivity, quarantine, home remedies, and phone counseling, they are Hundreds of orders Which arrive daily to individual GPs, requests for assistance add to office visits, and white coats explained. “Let’s talk about thousands of people – he adds Luigi SparanoFimmg Regional Secretary – Those with Covid or who have developed symptoms of influenza. Numbers that increase exponentially and that lead us to believe that the situation may turn dangerous in the coming weeks uncontrollable. There is a need to make immediate decisions about commitment Serum, stricter restrictions on groupings and effective relationship and direct contact models between GPs and public health systems Who are responsible for Quarantine Based on insulation, such as access to tampons Molecular in the public”.

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