If the phone battery does not last long, we should always avoid these 4 mistakes that we often do not notice

Smartphones are invaluable allies in solving many everyday problems. Today we all have one and use it for many hours every day. However, unfortunately, prolonged use is one of the reasons for the sudden drop in battery life. It’s not the only one. in some cases These are some of the killer apps that we will have to uninstall to destroy the phone. In other cases, it is always full memory that slows down the device and makes it work more than it should. However, it is often some of the mistakes we unintentionally make that reduce battery life. And if your phone battery does not last for a long time, then we should start here to solve the problem.

We pay attention to the selection of charging cables

Many of us think that they save money by buying cheap charging cables and chargers. or incompatible. This is perhaps one of the most serious mistakes we can make because the few Euros saved we can repay with interest by destroying the battery. In fact, non-original or defective components risk overheating and destroying the battery forever.

Don’t let your phone completely empty

Modern day batteries smart phone They are not like the first cell phones. In the past, the best solution was to fully discharge the phone and recharge it up to 100%. With newly developed batteries, it is best to recharge them when they are between 15% and 75% and not reach the maximum. By doing this, we will probably be able to preserve the battery and make it last longer.

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If the phone battery does not last long, we should always avoid these 4 mistakes that we often do not notice

Another common mistake is keeping the phone connected to the charger when it is fully charged. Much better wear it even if it is not 100%. Otherwise, we risk reducing battery range each day and overheating both the phone and charger.

Heat is the archenemy of even the latest performance batteries. In this case, we must pay special attention to car chargers and portable chargers. Keeping the phone charged in the sun, for example in the car or at the beach, not only reduces battery life, but also risks “cooking” it with the worst case scenario making it explode.

Always avoid exposing the phone to heat sources. Its jobs are at stake, as is our health and the health of our wallet.

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