France, 10,000 people evacuated due to fires in the Gironde-

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More than 6000 hectares of vegetation burned, adding to the 14,000 hectares in the last few weeks. The hypothesis of the intentional origin of the fires

About a month ago, France has been dealing with a terrible fire in the southwestern region of the country, destroyed plants and homes Between Landis and the Gironde. Since Wednesday the eleventh, the flames have regained oxygen and devoured the others 6200 hectares of forest And the effect More than 10,000 people have been evacuated. The entire village of Mosti, with a population of 700, was abandoned e 17 houses were burnt in the village of Bilin – Bilit. The highway is also closed. At least for now there are no casualties.

Sad report added to the report of the past few weeks, when The fire devastated 14,000 hectares of vegetation all the way to the Atlantic coast. Meanwhile, the Minister of the Interior Gerald Darmanen expressed doubts about the source of the fire: this morning there were eight fires, between 8:00 and 9:00, that broke out within a few hundred meters of each other, which is quite unusual. In fact, the idea that the fire can be from is gaining ground intentional origin.

French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne, accompanied by the Minister of the Interior, also awaits in the Gironde on Thursday 12. Mobilizing the government and government services, along with local elected officials, volunteers and residents, Total Born left on Twitter.

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