Not the perfect weekend, but what it took

After difficulties in Barcelona, ​​Monaco, Baku and Silverstone, it was believed Ferrari would need the perfect weekend to resume the start of the world championship which now looks set to book a bitter end. The perfect weekend Ferrari desperately needed didn’t come, and to be honest, the Maranello team didn’t even come close. However, things couldn’t go any better than this for a wild horse. The narrative qualifies Silverstone as a Caporetto: Ferrari left the UK in low spirits. Sainz’s win caused a first crack inside a pair of drivers that seemed to hold together, and once again, the pit wall was making a fatal miscalculation. However, at Silverstone, Ferrari regained 12 points over Red Bull in the constructors’ championship versus 6 regained at Spielberg. Leclerc, despite a disappointing fourth place, earned 6 points on Verstappen (7) versus the 5 he earned over the Austrian weekend. In England, both Ferraris finished the race while in the single-seat Red Bull Ring Signs – battling for a well-deserved second place – devoured by flames at 14 laps of the checkered flag. If we take into account the cold numbers, it should be the British seventh ending Values Certainly more positive than Styria. However, sometimes perception and morale are more important than perfection and points earned. Indeed, Ferrari didn’t need a perfect weekend, but they desperately needed certain pieces of the mosaic to get back in place.

F1 British GP 2022, Silverstone: The podium with Sainz (Ferrari) Perez (Red Bull) and Hamilton (Mercedes)

Finally leclercI badly need it. ” Monaco’s words at the post-race press conference sum up the day’s significance better than any other analysis. Leclerc had a chance to win 4 of the last 5 races, however he was not able to finish third. Winning was the only acceptable outcome. And it doesn’t matter if “only” five points are redeemed from Max Verstappen. Today, the most important thing was to occupy the highest staircase on the podium. Leclerc won convincingly, outpacing Verstappen by three Occasions (laps 12, 33 and 52) And at the end of the race, manage the problem with the throttle as best you can. Once again, Leclerc has proven to be Ferrari’s most valuable asset. The only way to win a world championship is to put him in the best possible conditions. Today, the team did just that.

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Austrian Grand Prix 2022, Spielberg: Charles Leclerc (Ferrari)Austrian Grand Prix 2022, Spielberg: Charles Leclerc (Ferrari)

embarrassment solved At the end of the British Grand Prix, relations between the Monaco driver and Ferrari seemed to be at an all-time low. todayit seems that months have passed since Binotto’s finger pointed at Leclerc, from strategic hesitations, from the explanatory dinner in Monte Carlo and from the alleged snipers who do not appear under the podium To celebrate Carlos Sainz’s first victory. Looks like months have passed since then, for a few days, the possibility of that Spanish driver He would have been a serious contender for the world championship, slowing down the inevitable process of investing Leclerc as the first designated clue. All while giving Verstappen a free bonus feature. In an increasingly tense climate, Saturday at Red Bull could mark the point of no return: the tough battle on the track, followed by Leclerc’s comments (“we can’t stand what happened today”) indicated the difficulties of the environment – under increasing pressure.

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However, the gap of only 11 (12 after the Sprint race) between Leclerc and Sainz did not represent a huge gap to allow the team to reasonably direct all efforts to a single driver. Especially in the middle of the season. Therefore, the only possibility was to wait for the track’s release for its final verdict. A verdict could have come after long and bitter weeks of battles on the track and statements to the media. Instead, they didn’t even have to wait 24 hours: of course, seeing one of their cars on fire is never a good sign, but another worrying technical issue of the season could not have come at a better time for Ferrari. Binotto certainly wasn’t happy about missing out on the chance to hit two targets, but he’s, at least for now, solving the most pressing problem: the ability to assign a Navy First Guide. with 37 Of the advantages, there should be no further embarrassment focusing all attention on Leclerc.

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Austrian Grand Prix 2022, Spielberg: Carlos Sainz (Ferrari)Austrian Grand Prix 2022, Spielberg: Carlos Sainz (Ferrari)

The strategy Leclerc was the best driver on the track by publication, just as Ferrari’s strategists were the best at interpreting a challenging race. While Verstappen’s difficulties managing the first set of tires eased the work of the Ferrari drivers, on the other hand, they set the table for another race that could have been played in the field of strategic calls: Christian Horner’s favorite hunting ground. Ferrari did not react in a sprawling manner to Verstappen’s early pit stop, keeping the bar straight and following the perfect strategy with both drivers. The biggest pitfall occurred on lap 57, when Sainz’s retirement prompted the race director to consider it necessary to “enter” the VSC. Quiet was maintained at the low wall, and, realizing the speed of Leclerc and the inappropriateness of the track location on the Austrian track, it was decided to call the rest car to the pits. In any case, Verstappen should have stopped the pits and VSC guaranteed him a great opportunity to draw, wasting less time than would have happened under the green flag system. Ferrari decided to mark the world champion by putting Leclerc in a position to defend the top spot with equal coverage.

Austrian Grand Prix 2022, Spielberg: Charles Leclerc (Ferrari), Max Verstappen (Red Bull)Austrian Grand Prix 2022, Spielberg: Charles Leclerc (Ferrari), Max Verstappen (Red Bull)

Let’s start again Sainz retired today and Leclerc had a serious throttle problem. Thanks to Verstappen’s win in Saturday’s Sprint, along with the fastest lap of the race, the points redeemed weren’t many however, although this weekend can’t be classified as perfect, we had the best possible weekend for Ferrari. All the most pressing issues have been resolved, at least for now: Leclerc is finally back to win, the wall was flawless, F1-75’s speed performances were exceptional and now the team has a chance to crown their first. Instructs. From Sunday at the Red Bull Ring, Ferrari’s world championship can finally start again.

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