Spain, new controversy against the royal family: King Felipe VI’s sisters travel to the Emirates from Juan Carlos and receive vaccinations early

The Spanish royal house is once again under indictment. Felipe VI, The current king, has constantly tried to separate his character from the scandals that still affect the rest of the family. But events haven’t helped him and the past few days have been especially bad for him Bourbon. At first it was a file Juan Carlos, The former king who fled to The United Arab Emirates Last August, that paid off 4 million and 395 thousand euros for the tax authority Thanks to Spanish loans from businessmen and aristocrats, and then to Felipe’s sisters, Elena H Christina, Who were visiting their father’s advertisement Abu Dhabi Chose Get vaccinated.

The two Infants, 57 and 55 years old, respectively, had to wait several weeks to receive their first dose in Spain, Although Christina lives permanently in Switzerland. For historically republican parties such as Republican left H Box It is another case that illustrates the need for Termination of privileges Are having fun. The Royal House, an exclusive consultation for Confidentiality, Wanted to remember that Elena and Christina have not been part of the family since 2014: a spokesperson wrote in a statement: “The king is not responsible for what his sisters do.” Among the others who have been vaccinated in the Emirates are there as well Felix Sanz RoldanDirector of the National Intelligence Center and Honorary King Juan Carlos, the only one who, according to the order issued by the Spanish authorities, would not have crossed the line.

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The question regarding tax authorities is different. The former king made a preliminary settlement of dozens of 680,000 euros in December To close the investigation into the money made by the Mexican businessman Allen Sanginess Krause It would have allowed some of the royals, except for the current monarchs, to pay Do you travelAnd the the hotel H Restaurants. In the second case, the figure rises to nearly 4.5 million and corresponds to the trips it funds Zagatka Foundation, depends on Liechtenstein And run by Juan Carlos’s distant cousin, Alvaro Orleans.

Controversy has arisen over the origin of these four and a half million. According to the sources of the process that he consulted CountryThese are loans from dozens of beneficiaries, including entrepreneurs and aristocrats. The loan formula is not particularly convincing: it does not provide for any type of tax, unlike a donation of up to 40%. It also means refunds, which philanthropists also rule out due to the advanced age of Juan Carlos, 83. For this reason, the Treasury Technical Syndicate has requested an investigation into a process that actually looks more like a donation and is trying Again tax evasion. The story infuriated the Prime Minister Pedro SanchezHe said he shares the feeling of “rejection” of the majority of the population and considers it ‘Lack of civil sense’ Behavior of a former monarch.

A team of four judges studies its accounts in three different cases: The accused Commission of 65 million euros To mediate between Saudi Arabia And a consortium of Spanish companies in the construction of the high-speed line A. Mecca, Use of Mexican businessman money, Allen Sanginés Krause, and contact companies in Tax havens. Defense attorneys are optimistic: according to their calculations, the first case will be dismissed, because it dates back to the period when Juan Carlos was king, so when he enjoys immunity, the second case ends with settling scores and the third simply ends. Does not exist, as the king has denied any relationship with the outside companies.

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Spanish law states that a taxpayer can avoid being charged with tax fraud if they settle their debts before filing a formal complaint. If the payment is complete and honest, he will be exempt from any legal action. But the undeclared number will count as € 8 million The economic situation of Juan Carlos has worsened drastically since his son Felipe decided so Cancellation of 200 thousand euros per year That was spent by the royal house, while the Arab committee ended up in hand Corina LarsenHistorical former lover.

On February 23, Spain celebrated the 40th anniversary of the attempted coup. National television broadcast pictures of the colonel Antonio Tiggero Molina While interrupting the presidential candidate’s vote Leopoldo Calvo Sotelo In Congress. The champion of democratic transformation, Juan Carlos, criticized the coup in uniform of the armed forces. His son has publicly acknowledged that “his steadfastness and authority were instrumental in defending and winning democracy,” but he is, in fact, trying to distance himself from his father to save the crown.

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