No national team at World Cup 2022: Here are the Serie A players to cheer for

Impossible, but true: Italy does not participate in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar: this is how many Italian fans and enthusiasts overcome the “hurdle” and enjoy all the upcoming matches, no matter how bitter.

Italy does not qualify for the 2022 World Cup: after disappointment comes pride and redemption

news of theExclude Italy In the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, it fell like an ax on the fans of the Italian national team, still excited about the overwhelming victory in the 2020 European Championship, and unable to overcome Italy’s disappointment by not participating in the 2022 World Cup.

However, once the initial shock has passed, it is time to think about alternative solutions and, after accepting Italy’s exclusion (also thanks to the awareness of the value of one of the strongest teams in the world “historically”, our national team), can move on to thinking about how to proceed to the 2022 World Cup without to be disappointed.

To all the disappointed fans, in fact, plus the pride of supporting Italy “always” remains alternative: Follow players league Those who returned on loan to their national teams specifically for the World Cup in Qatar 2022.

Italy is not there, but the chant continues: the solution to cheering Serie A players at the World Cup

The good news, in fact, is that even if the Italian national team does not play in the Qatar 2022 World Championships, there will be plenty. Serie A players have been called up by their national teams To play games in Qatar.

The athletes who are so admired by the fans in Italy because of the national championship that is still going on, will therefore be able to follow them in the achievements of the 2022 World Cup: among world bets In fact, the most popular are not only those dedicated to the results of matches and accurate results, but also the people who will score the goal in the match or to select the best scorer and those related to predictions shots taken by the players themselves.

So it is clear that the Italian fans will not remain empty-handed, Especially those of JuventusIn fact, the Juventus team sent the largest number of players to participate in the 2022 World Cup, and in the next paragraph, we will examine the roles and “destination” teams for each of them.

All Juventus players who will play in the Qatar World Cup 2022

there Juventusin fact, among Italian league teams Which lends more players, ok 11 soccer playersfollowed by InterAnd the Milan And the Naples with straight 7, 7 and 5 players Go on an adventure World Cup in Qatar.

Specifically, however, Juventus will see a return to Brazil:

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