An official 7-minute gameplay video has been revealed by SEGA –

SEGA made the first real game available through IGN USA Sonic Frontiers gameplay video, the new game dedicated to the fastest blue hedgehog in the world. You can watch the video above.

In the video we can see that Sonic is stuck on a new island. The Play It opens with Sonic running across a field, and heading toward a strange tower. Using several platforms, he can climb to the top and also run on some types of vertical walls. There are also rails to slide on. It is clear that the classic gold rings to collect can not be missing.

There will also be around the game world Flying platforms That would create a path to complete to get collectibles. Sonic will be able to run freely, but will also make use of different elements to move more quickly. It seems that the exploration itself is meant to be some sort of level/path to complete.

Moving forward, we also see that the gods will be present little puzzles You will complete to unlock passages around Sonic Frontiers Island. For example, we see Sonic move a statue and spin around the flames to put them out. Moreover, we also see a small path to complete on the chessboard. They look like very simple sequences.

Sonic Frontier Islandas shown thus far, it consists mainly of grasslands, rivers, and forests, with some stone structures such as the aforementioned tower.

Tell us, what do you think of the Sonic Frontiers so far?

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