How the vignette and the three steps work

In short, will construction sites start again or not? This is the big question the Italian construction world is asking.

The government confirms yes: With the new legislation, construction sites will start excitedly, stalling due to pressure to waive multiple credits as if it never happened. But would it really be so? We see.

Let’s first see the emergence of the new legislation. With 4 and a half billion house bonus scams and a lot of credits taken over because it’s at least suspicious. The government began to be wary of the nation’s bonuses. In fact, the reasons were many. It turns out that this bounty was an interesting gift for the wealthy and left crumbs for the poorest and the poorest A similar expenditure of public money in favor of the rich did not fall, which completely forgot about those who are in great difficulties today.

The new rules

But after pressing the multiple sell comes the calm or better to say calm has to come. In the new legislation Password and credit tracking. In fact, credit should always be traceable and above all it should be in at any time may refer to the first transferor and the first transferor and thus to all documents justifying the bonus and credit resulting therefrom. The motive is very simple, the authorities should check at any time that the construction site is not a fraudulent construction site and the costs are correct anyway.

Technical responsibility and 3 steps

But the bets certainly do not end here, and the assignment of credits can only be made three times. After the first time, it should be all successive only Among the selected banks and institutions and in any case they are monitored by the Bank of Italy. But in reality, perhaps the strictest and most deterring rules are those regarding the responsibility of the technician who divides the jobs.

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In fact, those who swear to testify risk fines of between 50,000 and 100,000 euros. In addition to the fine, a technician who makes a mistake risks imprisonment for 2-5 years. And if there is also a Dolo in addition to the error, the penalties are increased. According to many, reallocating multiple credits but doing it this way will not restart the house bounty or maybe only partially restart it

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