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Title: Google Releases Chrome Canary Beta Version with Full Support for Arm64 on Windows PCs

Google recently unveiled a major breakthrough in the tech world with the release of a Chrome Canary beta version that provides complete support for the Arm64 architecture on Windows PCs. This development is particularly significant as it addresses the long-standing lack of native support for Chrome on Windows PCs equipped with Arm64 processors.

The latest version of Chrome Canary is expected to deliver remarkable improvements in terms of performance on Arm64 PCs. More importantly, it eliminates the need to run Chrome in emulation mode, resulting in a smoother and more efficient browsing experience for users.

Those interested in trying out the new Chrome version can install the download on PCs running recent versions of Windows 11 specifically designed for Arm processors. In a surprising twist, it has been confirmed that the new version even runs flawlessly on the power-efficient Snapdragon 835 system-on-a-chip (SoC), which is seven years old.

It’s worth noting that while Chrome has been readily available on Google’s Chromium for Arm64 and several other platforms such as Linux, iOS, and Mac, Microsoft’s Edge browser has enjoyed native support for Arm64 for a number of years. So, the delayed arrival of Chrome on Arm64 Windows PCs may have been influenced by the scarcity of Arm64 PCs and their comparatively higher prices when compared to Chromebooks.

However, the timing of Google’s introduction of this feature is fitting, as Qualcomm is poised to release the Snapdragon X Elite chip that promises enhanced performance and power efficiency. The arrival of Snapdragon Elite X models in mid-2024 is projected to drive an increase in the number of Windows laptops housing Arm64 processors.

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Looking ahead, it is hoped that Google will have a stable version of Chrome ready for launch concurrent with the unveiling of Snapdragon Elite X models. This will allow users with Arm64 PCs to fully experience the improved performance offered by Chrome Canary.

In conclusion, Google’s breakthrough in supporting the Arm64 architecture on Windows PCs through the release of Chrome Canary beta version is a major step forward in addressing the long-standing loopholes. The compatibility of Chrome on Arm64 enables a seamless browsing experience for users and may pave the way for future advancements in technology. Users can now download the Canary version of Chrome to enjoy the heightened performance on their Arm64 PCs.

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