The News Teller: User-friendly Tongue-Scrolling Device Unveiled

Introducing MouthPad^: A Revolutionary Device for Hands-Free Smartphone Use

Augmental, a tech company specializing in assistive devices, has created a groundbreaking invention called MouthPad^, allowing users to navigate their smartphones using only their tongues. This retainer-like trackpad chip sits comfortably on the roof of the mouth and detects tongue movements, enabling a wide range of functions.

MouthPad^ is not limited to scrolling; it also provides the ability to type, make calls, and play games with a simple swipe or click of the tongue. The device was primarily designed to assist individuals living with disabilities, particularly those with hand impairments or paralysis. Its seamless Bluetooth connectivity ensures compatibility with any tablet, phone, or computer.

This innovative technology has garnered significant attention, even from professionals who rely on their hands frequently, such as mechanics and surgeons. Augmental’s MouthPad^ has distinguished itself from competitors like Tecla by offering versatility through different switch types for users with various ranges of motion. Additionally, it stands out with its dedicated apps like Open Sesame, which tracks head motions rather than relying on touchscreen capabilities.

The development of MouthPad^ has been an extensive two-year process, and the product is expected to hit the market later this year. However, Augmental is already offering early access to the device on their website. Test users have praised MouthPad^, emphasizing its value as an input device for both computers and phones.

Designed for comfort and ease of use, the MouthPad^ is transparent around the teeth, featuring a golden touchpad at the center for tongue contact. It also incorporates a force sensor for clicks and can potentially be customized to include other hotkey options. While safe to drink with, Augmental recommends removing the device for meals.

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Looking towards the future, Augmental has plans to expand the capabilities of its technology. Potential additions include voice control and wheelchair navigation, opening up new possibilities for individuals with disabilities.

With a battery life of five hours in its current version, Augmental aims to extend it to eight hours in the next iteration, ensuring prolonged usability without interruptions.

As the world prepares for the release of MouthPad^, it is clear that this technology represents a significant leap forward in providing a hands-free smartphone experience for individuals with limited mobility. Augmental’s groundbreaking creation promises to transform the lives of those who rely on assistive devices, offering newfound independence and convenience.

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