Milano Cross Challenge from Eset, 1st Edition

Back to Milan country from the national calendar. Sunday December 19 will be the day of the first edition of the ESET Milan Cross Challenge at the Sanna La Mora racetrack, in the San Siro district, in the canter facility.

Milano Cross Challenge by Eset, what is it

The Milano Cross Challenge from Eset is an event that brings back running on the prairie to the Lombard capital after nearly 45 years with over 600 registered athletes of all ages, from beginners to masters, and many starting average blues in the 5 kilometer races. A men’s challenge between the tricolor hero of the short cross Alaa Zaghlami (Fiam Oro), the brilliant protagonist in 3000 hedges in Tokyo Olympics Where he finished ninth in the final, Yassine Poué (Fiam Giali), the first Italian in last weekend’s Test at the Dublin European Championships closed in 46th, but the organizers also expect the participation of Nicagnite Kripa (Army) who, however, had to give up About Eurocross due to the malaise he felt on that eve.


Curiosity of Dario De Caro (Battaglio Cus Torino), a foreign student who went out a few days ago at 13:38.47 on the 5000 indoors in the United States, on a staff that includes among others Italo Cusola (Atl. Casone Noceto), Mattia Padovani ( Atl. Lecco Colombo Costruzioni), Samuel Medolago (Atl. Valle Brembana) and emerging Italian champion Moad Razgani (Atl. Bergamo 1959 OrioCenter).


Many reasons for interest also in the women’s race, always at a distance of 5 km. There will be Slovenian youth Clara Lucan, a recent European Under-23 silver medalist, along with two Italians who have just returned from the continental review: U-23 gold medalist Giovanna Silva (Sport Project Vco), who played a crucial role in the collective victory. in his 11th singles place, and Micol Maggiore (Pro Sesto Atletica), who competed in Dublin in the relay, not forgetting the “short” Italian champion Nicole Reina (Cus Pro Patria Milan).

Milano Cross Challenge by Eset, route and information

The Milano Cross Challenge has been scheduled for Eset Three laps of the circuit With the start and finish on the trot track in the mud, but the track will be largely grassy in the grassy lawns of the racetrack, while the 5km distance has been chosen to make the comparison between professionals of different races more balanced. At the event organized by Top Training under the direction of Giorgio Rondelli there will be space for all classes, with a rich program of competitions from 12 to about 16. Apart from the National Youth Review at Monte Stella in 1994, there has never been an absolute national cross-country race in Milan Since January 1977: in this case the final of the Club Championships on ice held at the San Siro on the sprint track, currently not available for renewals and with the intention of returning for next year’s edition.

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