According to the International Waste Watcher, fruit is the most wasted food on the planet

Milano – Fruit is the most wasted food on the planet. To confirm this came the data of the second cross-country report of the International Waste Monitoring Observatory, which examined nine countries in the world: Italy, Spain, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, the United States, South Africa, Brazil and Japan. The study was conducted on the occasion of the third World Food Awareness Day (September 29) and World Food Day, the World Food Day scheduled for October 16 next. According to the research, Italians individually discard 30.3 grams of fruit per week, followed by salad with an average of 26.4 grams per person, and fresh bread with 22.8 grams. The US is overtaken by the Bel Paese region, with 39.3 grams of fruit wasted per person, Germany with 35.3 grams and the United Kingdom, which records a weekly wastage of 33.1 grams per person. The ranking also includes milk and yogurt (38.1 grams per week lost in the US and 27.1 grams in Germany), deli meats and salami (21.6 grams in France and 14.2 grams per week in Japan), rice and cereals (in Brazil 27.2 grams per week are discarded) . Finally, ready-to-eat foods: Japanese waste an average of 11.5 grams per week.

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