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Guests, performances and eliminations for the second episode of the March 25 talent show Amici di Maria De Filippi.

Tonight, Saturday 25th March, it airs at 9.25pm Channel 5 The second installment of the evening session Friends of Maria de Felipe. During the new appointment, the students will perform in front of the judges, with the goal of winning the challenge between the teams led by the teachers.

The jury consisted of Cristiano MalgoglioAnd Joseph Giuffre And Michael Good. We will also witness during the episode, as usual, the challenge between the teachers. In the end, we will find out who among the students will be eliminated.

Maria de Felipe’s friends live on March 25th

The second episode, on Saturday, March 25th Friends of Maria de Felipe It begins with jury presentation. The three find themselves grappling with a game, accordingly Cristiano Malgoglio He has to make sure that the other two of his classmates understand what’s inside the box, through gestures. It’s an egg cup and guess what Joseph Giuffre Who chooses envelope No. 2, inside which is the name of the team that will start the match, i.e. name Emmanuel Lou And Lorella Cucarini. Choose a team challenge Rudy Zerbi And Alessandra Celentano.

March 25 friends

Challenge 1: Song vs. Dance

The first challenge friends March 25th is a song against dance, or rather clique who sings And how are you?against a ballerina Ramon. Vince Ramon So the first point goes to the Zerbi-Celentano team. Challenge continues with Madeline against g a little which performs on notes under the house. Vince Maddalena, so the score of the match is 1 to 1.

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The third and final challenge has champions Aaron against Click and Angelina. Who wins the first challenge of the episode Lorella Coccarini and Emmanuelle Lu. The names they both chose for the knockouts are Piccolo G, Aaron, and Isobel. between the three Isobel He returns to the race after the first challenge. Between Aaron and Little G he has to leave the show g a little.

March 25 friends

The second challenge: the comparison

March 25th episode of Friends of Maria de Felipe The second race continues where the team of Lorella and Emanuela will once again challenge the team of Rudy and Celentano. The former choose Comparata, or rather the challenge where Angelina And Aaron They will perform a variety of famous songs one after another.

Wins Aaron And after 1 to 0, the challenge continues with the gauntlet launched by Emmanuel Law featuring champions Simon against Ramon who perform hip hop dance. Of the three judges, Giuffre refused to vote despite Cristiano voting for Ramon and Michelle voting for Simon. So the test is cancelled.

March 25th race friends communicate with Angelina against Gianmarco. Angelina wins and both teams draw. The third and final challenge is to dance against the song, ie Isobel Against Krika, who performs a duet with Angelina. In the end, the team of Rudy Zerbe and Celentano won. Both names are Angelina, Krika and Samu. Of the three students returned to the game Angelinawhile clique It goes to the final elimination.

March 25 friends

Friends March 25 – glove professors

Friends of Maria de Felipe It continues on Saturday, March 25th with the gauntlet of professors. They start racing Lorella Cucarini And Emmanuel Lou They display a sensual choreography to the notes Excite the cats. press to arise with Raymond Todaro tango dance As in the last episode, Arisa not only dances but sings and chants this time Look at the moon. Alessandra Celentano And Rudy Zerbi Instead, they implement their revised version of “Fire Fury” And “MammaMaria” Of the rich and the poor. They won the gauntlet of professors Todaro and Arisa.

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Third challenge

In the third challenge, Raimondo Todaro and Arisa took the field against Rudy Zerbe and Alessandra Celentano. Pupils to open the match they are Alexeiwhich performs with Mattia, v Gianmarco Dancing with Isobel. Alessio wins, thus giving the first point to Todaresa. The race continues with FedericaIn a duet with wax-cons Isobel. The judges’ choice falls on Isobel.

in the next race Aaron sing I see blackagainst Mathias Who dances the tango instead. Vince Mattea So Team Todaro and Arisa. They both chose Gianmarco, Aaron and Ramon. One of the three will challenge Kirika. He rejoins the game immediately Aaronwhile the final elimination goes Gianmarco.

While waiting for the challenge between Cricca and Gianmarco to see who gets eliminated, the guest of the March 25th episode of Amici di Maria De Filippi enters the studio: Henry Brignano.

The boys return home where they will soon find out who will be eliminated. Had to give up on the evening Friends of Maria de Felipe And Gianmarco.

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