Bills: How much do they cost us and what devices do we no longer know how to give up

In the first eight months of the year, the model family spent The electric bill alone is about 776 eurosbut what devices will Italians never give up? Face.itwith help mUp Research And the Norstatasked a representative sample of the national population, and also calculated How much do these devices weigh on the bill?.

TheThe most popular home appliances by the Italians it turns out that there was washing machine, prefer it 62.7% from respondents, which costs around €90 per year in their bills; Among the devices that consume the most energy, we find A refrigerator that can come at a cost we will 142 EUR the year. air conditioner is under special supervision From the point of view of consumption because, according to an estimate by, it can be represented in the invoice up to 232 EUR.

The full order and related costs in the invoice are available at this link: applianceicia-ea-quali-non – Abandon mai.html

picture of: Home Appliances_(c) LumenSt_lr

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