The EU’s beacon of Italian delays is on

Brussels – President of the Irish Eurogroup Paschal Donohue, Who coordinates the body that brings together the eurozone’s economic ministers, arrives at the council in the same minutes as Georgia Meloni. No one asked him, but he himself speaks of Italy: “It is very important that we move forward with the full ratification of the reform of the European Stability Mechanism.” The second day of the European summit is devoted to monetary policy and economic issues, while the stock exchanges in the old continent swing again on the weakness of bank stocks. Moment is enough, and the Irish politician’s words contribute to lighting a beacon upon our country. Christine Lagarde, President of the European Central Bank, is also present at the Council. Everyone says that the banking system in the European Union is free from imbalances, as Giorgia Meloni repeats to reporters, “We have solid fundamentals, which are not cause for concern.”

However, Donohue’s remarks stand out more than other days, Italy is in fact the only eurozone country that has not ratified the treaty having the last resort to intervene precisely in case of systemic banking crises. A little later, at lunchtime, Donohoe repeats this concept, even if it is “a matter on which we are willing to cooperate, but which is within the competence of the Italian Parliament and Government”. Wisdom that intertwines with the concern addressed to our country: the first international visit of Donohoe’s second term, in January, was not by chance to Rome, of the Minister of Economy Giancarlo Giorgetti. In his press point, Meloni reiterates the position of our CEO, currently an introductory offer: “The issue of Libra should not be discussed upstream but downstream and in the context in which it operates. The reference to economic governance is not made by chance, as well as to other, more effective tools.” At the present time, we discussed this morning the issue of the banking union and on the issue of dams, Mes is a kind of veto, and the banking union is of the first and second degree. It is a reason that must be carried out in a comprehensive manner.

Then comes the second day of the premiere in Brussels Evaluate the progress made, or not, in the most sensitive files for our country. The night meeting with Emmanuel Macron went well for both of them, he spoke about it in front of French correspondents, referring to the possible coordinated action of Italy and France on achieving stability in Tunisia, and she said in front of Italian correspondents that she shares Paris’ position on nuclear technology as a complement to the energy transition and found with the President of the Elysee “full compatibility” On the issue of the rules of the Stability Pact”, but also the willingness to deal with the migration issue in a convergent way and  « structural way ». Council also discussed Negotiations are underway on technologies capable of ensuring zero emissions in the EU’s car fleet by 2035. Italy has to catch up, but according to Meloni, “the biofuel game is not lost at all. We are showing how biofuels respect zero emissions: if the technology achieves the goals we set for ourselves, that technology can be used.”

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