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Love in Fiji as the film shot in Australia ends

How does love end in Fiji? The plot and magical ending of this romantic comedy was filmed entirely in Australia.

Released in 2021, the title Love in Fiji was originally This Little Love of Mine. It is an Australian production and directed by Kristen Lupe. Filming took place mainly in Palm Cove, in Australia, as well as in neighboring areas of Queensland.

Love for the Fiji conspiracy

The heroine of this romantic comedy is Laura, a brilliant lawyer who dreams of becoming a partner in a large company. A feat that is far from simple, but things change drastically when CEO Graham Finely approaches his studio, which is a decidedly tempting proposition. He will become an exclusive as long as he can convince his nephew Chip to become his successor.

In fact, there is a clause that forces him to give up his chair once he turns 85 and dreams of leaving everything in the family. He has no one else but his outlook on life is different. He does not want to be a businessman. Laura’s boss sees her best opportunity and promises her a job as a partner. Thus she is forced to return to Sapphire Cove, her childhood place, to find the one who once made her heart beat.

How does love in Fiji end

Laura manages to convince Chip to come and meet her grandfather. He wants to stay on the island but the elderly CEO wants him in his chair. The solution? The woman proposes moving the headquarters to Sapphire Cove. The signing comes above all to cheer Laura, but she is promptly called to work after the deal is struck.

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But something stops her, this is the business policy of her boss, ready to stop her from acting as she pleases. It was impossible for her to help small clients, who certainly do not have several million in the bank. So he decided to quit his job and open his own studio in Sapphire cove. Graham cheers for them and arranges to send them on a mission to retrieve an ancient necklace, hidden in a place known only to them. Does nostalgia warm their hearts? The chest has been found, but it is empty. It turns out that she took the necklace, and used it as her good luck charm. He always felt something for Chip and eventually confessed to it. Thus begins a wonderful love story.

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