Pensions are a barrage of checks: Those on the outside take risks

Due to the health emergency, tests prepared by INPS to verify the presence of Retired Residents outside will have to slide back in regarding what was initially built.

These assessment procedures did suffer a sudden stop during the spring of 2020, or in a complete lockdown, but were resumed regularly at the end of the summer. But due to the protracted health emergency on the European continent, controls have stopped again.

As planned beforeOut Through Circular No. 3102 of last August 11, it was assumed that the examinations for 2020/2021 would take place in two distinct phases, taking into account the levels of health emergencies in the countries in which the retired persons subject to verification reside. In cooperation with Citibank and the consular network, the entity was able to resume investigations that had previously been discontinued.

As for level 1 (Scheduled between October 2020 and March 2021), INPS has already begun to demonstrate the live presence of retirees residing in the countries of South America, Central America, North America, Asia, the Far East, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. ‘Correspondence has already been sent to retirees as of October 1, 2020, and certificates of presence in life are expected to be issued by February 5, 2021.The Foundation made it clear in an official statement, as it reported “Invest today”.

However, the new wave of the Coronavirus outbreak has forced INPS to extend the deadline for sending these contacts by three months (the deadline is now set for May 7). If the Certificate of Presence in Life is not received by the due date, the Foundation will be authorized to stop disbursing the allowance starting from the following month (June 2021). Meanwhile, the pensioner will only have the possibility to collect the pension in cash at the agencies Western Union From your country of residence. In doing so, he will have to present evidence of his presence in life directly to the bank, with his personal documents showing at the counter as additional evidence. On the other hand, if even this method is not collected, then the pension will be terminated immediately.

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There is, too The second phase (Scheduled between January / June 2021 for residents of Europe, Africa and Oceania) has been postponed due to the health emergency. “The start of the verification campaign scheduled for January 2021 has been postponed by four months, so Citibank NA will begin shipping out Proof of Life application forms in the first week of May 2021 and these must arrive at the bank. By September 7, 2021.”In fact, we read in INPS Circular 225. Also in this case, the possibility of withdrawing cash from Western Union remains if not communicated during the deadlines set before the check is held.

After receiving the form by mail to the indicated address, interested parties must fill it out, then attach their signature to the necessary certificate of authenticity from the approved consular or local authorities. Everything must be sent to PO Box 4873, Worthing BN99 3BG, United Kingdom. For residents of Great Britain, the United States, Canada and Australia, files are also envisaged electronically, provided that they are performed by operators with sufficient professional qualifications for inclusion on the list of “accepted witnesses”.

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