“A ridiculous request, he does not understand the pain of the Ukrainians.” Perplexity in the studio – Libero Quotidiano

Nothing less than that ends up in the viewfinder Pope Francesco. To attack the Supreme Pontiff guest a On air In La7, he is the philosopher Umberto Galimberti. On Saturday, April 16th, episode of the program he runs David Borek And Concetta de GregorioGalimberti attacks Bergoglio for Via Crucis.

Francis’ decision to receive the cross bears a Russian woman and Ukrainian woman, side by side. A decision that Kyiv did not like, and the concert was not even broadcast on television. “I agree with the Ukrainian Latin Church, which did not transmit the images. How do you ask her for this gesture? Do you not understand the pain of these people? It is like when one suffers a crime in the family and one immediately asks if he has been forgiven. The psyche needs time to process these things,” Galimberti cries, making the study panicked.

The philosopher adds that he understands the Pope’s attempts to obtain peace, but adds: “In Ukraine there was no talk of symbols, they were spoken fiercely by terrorists. How do you ask those who suffered atrocities to accompany them? Russian as a friend? Come here! Let’s try to understand that the human psyche cannot do it like this. And again, in escalation: ‘But You would never have imagined Pius XII in 1943-1944 He had made Via Cruces with an Italian and a German during the partisan resistance. Would you accept him? Remarks Concetta distanced himself from, showing how wrong it is to associate all of Russia with Putin.

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