Legend of Karlovic, for everyone simply “El Trinche”

He did in the registry office Thomas Felipe KarlovicBut for everyone it was – quite simply – El Trinche. The youngest of seven siblings, he was born in Rosario on April 19, 1946 to a family of Croatian immigrants who arrived in South America in the 1930s in search of wealth, as well as one of the most talented Argentine footballers ever. Jose BeckermanNot surprisingly, he described him as the best midfielder he had ever seen, Cesar Louis Menotti He declared, “Karlovic is one of those children whose only game has been a ball since they were born: seeing him play was impressive,” but above all Diego Armando Maradona In response to the journalist who eloquently described him as the best player in Rosario’s history, “The best player who has already played in Rosario, his name is Karlovic.” Karlovic, who received more recognition during his time in Central. Cordoba. He also played for Colón de Santa Fe, where in 1977 he appeared only three times in the Argentine First Division, in Independiente Rivadavia and Deportivo Maipo, until his retirement in 1986. Without any glory on the field, but he left a team an indelible mark in football. Argentine.

The League of Nations, founded in 1919, has disappeared

It was established as part of the Paris Peace Conference in 1919, with the aim of increasing the well-being and quality of life of men and with the main aim of preventing wars, whether through the diplomatic management of conflicts or through arms control. The League of Nations, the first intergovernmental organization in history, was short-lived: it was in fact put down on April 19, 1946, after the failure represented by World War II and the birth of the United States the previous year. Nations. However, the diplomatic achievements of this organization represent a decisive step forward compared to the previous century, even though it lacks its own armed forces, and thus it has always been up to the major military economic powers to impose political decisions and, if necessary, advance an army. Curiosity: Despite the efforts of US President Wilson that led to the birth of the League of Nations, the USA has never joined it.

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