Las Vegas Raiders coach Jon Gruden resigns after old anti-gay, racist emails were discovered –

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The technician wrote them years ago (when he was working at ESPN) to the president of the Washington team and they came out randomly: attacking players, coaches, team owners, even Obama and Biden

my past is back. This hits hard. John Gruden No longer a coach Las Vegas Raiders in Nfl: His resignation was formalized overnight, after old emails containing racist, anti-gay and misogynistic comments were found during some outside investigation. Comments that went on for years, when Gruden wasn’t the Raiders coach but was an NFL analyst for American broadcaster Espn: In letters sent to former Washington boss Bruce Allen, Gruden (who won the 2002 Super Bowl with Tampa Bay Buccaneers) was highly critical of the presence of female referees in the NFL, the choice to include gay players in the first season draft and the excessive tolerance of protests by black players on the occasion of the performance of the American anthem, citing for example the dismissal Eric ReedColin Kaepernick, the first to introduce the kneeling gesture.

Racist and homophobic comments

The communications between Gruden’s personal email and Allen’s club email – which came up by chance during an investigation into employment relationships within the Washington franchise – span a seven-year period from 2011 to 2018 and have since been exposed. The New York Times: In various emails, Gruden refers in anti-gay terms to the commissioner of the league Roger Goodell, arguing that gay athletes should not have been allowed to be selected by the college in reference to Michael Sam, an openly gay player chosen by the Rams – then in St. Louis – in 2014. Moreover, Sam was ahead of the times: recently he was Karl Nessib Defensive end he plays in raiders trained by Groden. I learned some time ago that what makes a man different makes him great, as the coach commented at the time: The phrases he rereads now seem nothing less than adverbs.

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Not only that: In escalating offensive terminology reserved for NFL team owners, coaches and journalists, Gruden also criticized Barack Obama During his election campaign in 2012 and then Vice President Joe Biden – Now the President of the United States – on contemptuous and homophobic terms. A national issue first found the spotlight last week, when the Wall Street Journal published an email report in which Groden described NFL CEO Demoris Smith as a man with lips as big as Michelin tires.
I use this expression in reference to a person who is lying, I’m ashamed of those sentences but I had no racist intent, and I never had any racistGroden drew before the game and then lost 20-9 over the weekend against the Chicago Bears.

forced resignation

However, the new wave of emails published by The New York Times has left no way out Groden, including insults, sexist references and even sharing photos of some topless Washington fans, is part of the scandal that hit the franchise in 2018 that led to an investigation that inadvertently allowed a Raiders coach. Inundated by scandal and cornered by the franchise (which, in turn, ended up in the NFL’s crosshairs, complete with the sending of accusatory emails), Groden explained his resignation: I resigned as coach of Las Vegas Raiders, I love raiders and I don’t want to be a distraction. Thank you to all the Raider Nation players, coaches, staff and fans. I apologise, I didn’t want to hurt anyone, the sentences which were followed by the melancholy statement of Franchise President Mark Davis, I accepted his resignation. Obviously forced, before proceeding with the formal dismissal: n la NFL Ni Raiders – One of the league’s busiest franchises in promoting respect and inclusion – they can accept what has emerged in recent days. It is clear that the resignation has economic repercussions for Groden, who in 2018 signed a ten-year contract with the Raiders for a total of $100 million: his place was temporarily assigned by assistant coach and special teams coordinator Rich Bisaccia, 61, for four seasons for the Raiders.

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