“After the series about Totti’s insults and threats”

Rome – He is very angry Gianmarco Tognazzi, son of the great UgoThe hero of the fictional sky novel “I wish Dee died first.”, Which tells about the private and professional life of Francesco Totti. Tognazzi wears clothes Luciano Spalletti, The coach who has clashed several times with the Roma champions in the last year and a half of his career. “I was full of insults and threats from People who did not understand the difference Between the actor and the character he plays. But is this possible?“, Tognazzi vented with Di Più Tv magazine. Most of the insults arrived on social networks: many haters were angry at the actor, as if he was the real Luciano Spalletti. They told me all kinds of things: I forced Totti to retire, and they would force me to pay for it. But don’t they understand that I’m not the real Luciano Spalletti? Anyway, I was partially expecting them. Both because this series is about a very popular sport like football and a likable man like Totti, and because other actors before me actually mistook the character who played in fiction. “, he added.

Gianmarco Tognazzi and Spalletti: The rain of insults

“The proliferation of social networks, which also have many positive aspects, have shattered any form of respect for others. There is no longer even this minimum education that one should have when addressing a stranger, but one passes directly and after that, me too. I feel a lot of confusion, People are distracted and superficialThey don’t even stop thinking about the fact that in life I can be a completely different person from the characters in my films. “, Gianmarco Tognazzi stressed. Among the criticisms, insults, and threats, there is no shortage of flattery. Ilary Blasi approved the series on Totti and set Tognazzi’s ideal interpretation.

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