Law 104, the government lays hands and touches various points of judgment

One of the laws the government has given a lot of attention in recent months. Changes are coming.

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born in 1992 Law 104 is an initiative to provide maximum protection against persons with disabilities who do not allow them to live on a regular basis. The Draghi government, in the last period has been very interested in the ruling in question, trying in some way to make changes, and hopefully the improvements will be for the benefit of all Citizens interested. Here’s what could change.

The Law 104 From the moment it was conceived, not only has the basic rights of citizens been guaranteed handicapped, but above all, make sure that seriously ill people get a job, and in some cases so do their families. Special uses reserved for these holders Measurement. Today, as mentioned, the Draghi government is ready to step in to make fundamental changes to the law.

The Draghi government struggles with Law 104: What can change

a Instructs In the form of a YouTube video, it has been specifically designed to let interested citizens go and see what changes they have envisioned Draghi government in the last period. It is also possible, through the appropriate channels, to identify diseases that are fully included among those considered legislator in envisioning appropriate interventions.

series of diseases Therefore, they can be certified through specific medical tests which will help determine the subject’s level of disability. Thus, the different method of treatment or treatment Regarding, for example, also getting a job. The relevant law also allows the subject interested To take advantage of special discounts on the purchase of a car and enjoy certain tax exemptions.

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Among the new diseases considered by the Draghi government, we also find respiratory diseases, including obstructive bronchopathy, asthenia and significant asthmatic BPC. Auditory and visual, eg total or partial blindness and severe visual impairment. We also find psychiatric and neurological diseases, including schizophrenia, anorexia nervosa, mental retardation, bipolar disorder, sclerosis, Parkinson’s bite and Alzheimer’s. Vascular dementia as well as diseases with a disabling rate ranging from 21% to 110% including rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, HIV, Patau’s syndrome, Down syndrome and tumors.

In the various responsible channels, it is also possible to check the different types of treatment intended for those who enjoy this special protection. Everything was explained in detail, as well as the different procedures to be followed for the different requests of the case. In short, the government is working to try to improve what can be improved. This and in many other sectors can be called in practice the Italian newspaper.

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