Rare coins up to 50 thousand euros: how to find and sell them

It is not only the almost unobtainable lira that makes you earn a lot of money, but also the Euro, especially the coins. Here because.

Numismatists are looking primarily for the ancient Italian lira, but also for dollars or pounds which, if in excellent condition, could be of really great value. But for some time now, even the “newborn” euro is gaining in value. So to speak, children cannot be defined as a coin that is only 20 years old.

The truth is that as it often happens, at the time of minting, something was wrong that made some coins unique, others of such high value that they may have witnessed an important event. Remember as always that the value of a coin also depends on the condition in which it was found, if it has been used multiple times and bears signs of wear.

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Collectible Euros: from 2,000 at Mole to 50 in Vienna

In Italy, the coin deserving the most is the Class 1 coin depicting the Mole Antonelliana, the symbol of Turin. Yes, because the memorial was shot in a 2-cent coin, it accidentally ended up in the smaller coin as well. Anyone who finds someone can go to the bank: this little coin has risen to two thousand euros.

Another example of the value of the euro can be an example for some 2 euros for a memorial, Such as Finnish coins minted in 2004 or some Greek 2 euro coins.

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