La Casa Dei Player is a new podcast from Sony for PlayStation Plus, hosted by Ualone –

Sony announced the birth of Players’ housea podcast dedicated to the new PlayStation Plus story, moderated by Gianluca Loggia, aka You are lonelythe historical signature of the Italian video game press.

Today, 20 September 2022, the first episode For what will be a monthly date, you can find it on the PlayStation Italia channel on YouTube and on Spotify. Let’s read the other details taken from the official press release:

La Casa de Blair Manifesto

Sony Interactive Entertainment Italia is pleased to announce the departure of “La Casa dei Player”: an unprecedented video format created to deepen and inform the full details of the titles, features and characteristics that distinguish the Sony Interactive Entertainment subscription service. In fact, PlayStation Plus has recently been developed and enriched, to ensure a wider and heterogeneous entertainment experience, thanks to 3 subscription options: Basic, Extra and Premium.

The format, which includes episodes on a monthly basis, will open the doors of House of Players to many guests who will succeed each other during the episodes and who – along with Ualone – will deepen all the special and unique elements of PS Plus and tell us about some of the best titles in the catalog the service.

Sony also took the opportunity to mention the characteristics of its subscription:
PlayStation Plus has three opportunities to Subscription. Basic, with three different games offered each month, exclusive discounts, data storage in the cloud and the ability to play online; Additional, in addition to Essential features, includes a collection of about 400 first- and third-party titles for PS4 and PS5; And finally the Premium plan that adds the catalog of classics, thanks to which you can test some of the most important games of the era of PS1, PS2, PS3 and PSP, trial versions of the best upcoming titles and broadcast in the cloud.

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