Pumps are outdated and retire forever, what to replace them

Classic petrol pumps are now outdated and many scams are being done to citizens, so a historic change will come.

Let’s see what will replace the classic pumps Gas.


First of all, this really needs to be said Lots of scams are found at gas stations.

How will the petrol pumps be replaced

Finance magazine recently stated that it appears equally through checks One in two gas station workers engages in some form of fraud to harm motorists.

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It’s an astonishing number, but exactly half of the gas stations deceive those who go to get gasoline from them. The most common scam is tampering with dispensers to deliver less gasoline and diesel From the amount paid or even extend the fuel Water or other liquids. This second scam is especially dangerous because in addition to stealing the driver of the car, it also causes damage engine for the car. But there are a lot of gas station scams and practically every Italian will fall in love with them.

New technology takes its place

Gasoline and diesel have also become more expensive In fact, fuel prices have now exceeded 2 euros per liter and for Italians Moving becomes more difficult. Gasoline pumps have been around for decades and all Italians are used to fueling their cars in this way. However, the gasoline pump is now an outdated thing It will be closed and replaced soon. But what will replace the current petrol pumps? The European Union and individual countries have really put an end to that Diesel and gasoline engines.

Historic and wonderful change

This is gradual, but soon it stops Diesel and gasoline cars in circulation will shrink, They are gradually being replaced by electric cars. As a result, gasoline pumps disappear. In fact it was initially thought that gasoline pumps They could also have saved electricity, but now we’re moving towards the possibility of small electric dispensers They are located along city car parks or shopping centers. So the classic petrol column we are accustomed to no longer exists soon.

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