5 tricks that few people know about to sleep peacefully and sleep like a real dice

Perhaps the secret of happiness lies in sleep. In our society, more and more people are not finding good rest right away. Here are 5 tips that few know about how to sleep peacefully and sleep like a real reptile.

Move your worries to another place

During the day, fears accumulate that if you sleep with us, you will make us have a restless sleep at best. To avoid this, just take a notebook and write down the things that worry us on it. This transfer will act as freeing memory from your computer’s hard drive. Our minds will be freer to sleep and free from worries.


Prepare the things you need for the morning first

There are people who go to bed and when they wake up in the morning, they start looking for the things they need. This sometimes unsuccessful search brings nervousness and destroys all the rest and calm that sleep gave. Things you need in the morning, it is better to prepare them in the evening before bed.

Repeat a positive sentence جملة

The mind is strongly influenced by what we think, or rather we feel inside. Often without realizing it, we repeat images and phrases that build us a negative world, made up of tensions, fears and Stress. It is better to stop the hymns in our heads and express some positive phrases that will accompany us in our sleep.

Put your mobile phone aside

If sleep is triggered, it also depends on the type of light emitted by the different screens. Blue light tells our brain not to sleep and we lose hours of sleep just because we don’t feel tired. In this case it is necessary to “disconnect”. some apps In this case it can help us.

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5 tricks that few people know about to sleep peacefully and sleep like a real dice

One of the reasons that prevents sleep is the thoughts that constantly flash in the head. Our minds travel like a fast train and never stop. To achieve this, let’s take a few deep breaths. Then we transfer our consciousness to certain parts of the body, and feel their presence.

For some, it may be a wonderful experience, because for the first time they will find the anchor that will bring them back to rediscover themselves.

By putting these tips into practice, your sleep will definitely be deeper and more restful.

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