Installments of up to 10 years for study at Sostegni bis

Activity Collection It was suspended until May 31, but the Tax bills. The Bis Sostegni decreeIt is an economic metric valued at over 40 billion, in addition to the task of structuring the refreshment points network in Difficulty with value-added tax numbers It will also have the burden of modifying a recovery Debt recovery Against the tax authorities.

Given the moment of economic crisis, the goal is to expand the possibility of paying in installments with the rules currently granted to individuals. So far there are two hypotheses: On the one hand, there is a preference for even installments 6 yearsOn the other hand, (the more ambitious) is trying to get above 10 years.

Let’s see who I am Requirements From VAT numbers that can access this opportunity.

Difficulty of tax records and VAT numbers: installments of up to 10 years under study in Sostegni bis

35 million tax bills that have been discontinued with the press release issued by the Ministry of Economy and Finance on April 30th will sooner or later be handed over to the beneficiaries, but given the current economic context, the plan under consideration is to move forward towards a very gradual recovery of collection activity.

Sostegni’s first decree has already ensured that millions of files banned since March 2020 (by Cura Italia’s decree) will be relaxed in at least two years. But with the Sostegni bis decree, we are trying to take an extra step to help VAT numbers in economic difficulty.

The idea is to start from records of companies that have requested (and received) non-refundable contributions (whose requests can be sent through May 28).

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So, starting with those who have requested a state contribution, the idea is to allow debt repayment of up to 6 years.

However, in the MEF work schedule there is also another hypothesis, which provides for an extension of the grace period up to 10 years. The main problem to always be solved remains the resource problem.

Tax records and installment assumptions over 10 years: VAT number requirements

If you follow the line of curves, then it is already possible to find out Requirements Of VAT numbers who will be able to access payments in installments for a period of 6 to 10 years,

In fact, the non-reimbursable fund is entitled to VAT numbers:

  • The turnover does not exceed 10 million euros;
  • Decrease in business volume / fees by 30% between 2020 and 2019;
  • Since 2019.

However, on the workbench, there can also be another requirement: payment in installments will only be possible for those who have Income not exceeding 100,000 euros per year.

All that remains is to wait for the approval of the Sostegni bis decree to find out the conditions under which the group will resume its activities.

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