Little tricks for washing shoes by hand without damaging them and preventing unpleasant odors

The sport shoes It never went out of style. Much love and appreciation not only from the little ones but also the adults. In fact, for years now, fashion shows have presented the classic collection and sneakers. The stylish mix that people love and this one for 2021 never stops traveling at the crest of the wave.

Among the latest trends, especially for girls, white walking shoes are very popular to complete the sporty and casual look thanks to the slippery and comfortable suits.

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Therefore, timeless sneakers remain a strong point of everyday outfit.

However, their bad reputation and usage make this type of shoe a highly exploited item. For this reason, it is useless to hope that they will not be contaminated. White shoes are for marks, scratches, and stains of all kinds.

How do you wash it without damaging it? The editorial team wants to suggest a very fast, easy and simple process of always perfect shoes.

Little tricks for washing shoes by hand without damaging them and preventing unpleasant odors

Shoe maintenance is a must. You don’t have to get to the point of having to wash it before cleaning it thoroughly.
First, it will be necessary to dry clean and remove dirt with the help of a completely dry shoe brush. Pay attention to the bristles, they should be smooth to avoid further scratches. Instead, a good old toothbrush.

Hand wash

Before washing your shoes, remove the laces and soak them in a solution of Marseille soap and water. Rub gently, squeeze and leave to dry in the open air.

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As for washing, we recommend using hot water and any laundry detergent, as long as it is delicate.
Run the soapy water solution several times and scrub with the brush. Then, with a soft cloth, wipe it dry always. The procedure can also be repeated several times. Gradually the result will start to please.

Avoid bad smell

In general, it is not recommended to wash the shoes inside as well. In fact, the interior may not dry well before use. This is the condition that inevitably involves the release of bad smell.

The first tip is to have, upon purchase, a removable insole to insert in addition to the shoe. In this way, the soles can be replaced periodically and the sneakers will always look new.

On the other hand, when the stink problem is already underway and you do not have a replacement sole, it is recommended to use the same method of washing shoes, paying special attention to drying. If the sole is not completely dry, do not put it in your shoes.

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