Consultation e-bills reopened until December 31, 2021

Re-opened e-billing, joining the advisory service until December 31, 2021. This was created under the provision of November 3, 2021 from the Revenue Agency. After the September 30 deadline, the terms reopened until the end of the year: Entrants refund all electronic invoices sent to ES as of January 1, 2019.

electronic billing, reopens membership Consulting service until December 31, 2021.

To found it is Judgment November 3, 2021 Revenue Agency.

The endless story of the counseling service continues, subject to numerous extensions up to The deadline is September 30th.

Although this date appears to be the final chapter, the terms for sticking are reopened, allowing committed subjects and any authorized moderators Retrieval of all electronic invoice files Moving to Exchange as of From 1 January 2019.

So there is plenty of time until the end of the year to implementJoin the counseling service Obtaining electronic invoices and their computer copies.

Consultation e-bills reopened until December 31, 2021

L ‘Join the counseling service Re-open e-bills Until December 31, 2021.

The Judgment November 3, 2021 Revenue Agency.

People who intend to join and any authorized brokers will have access to Issuing and receiving invoices beginning From 1 January 2019.

In fact, the Revenue Agency’s Practice Document states that:

“In the event of subscription to the Service by December 31, 2021, the Revenue Agency shall make available to the subscriber and authorized intermediaries, files of all electronic invoices sent to the exchange system for consultation as of January 1, 2019 . . ”

The reopening procedure aims to meet the demands of National Council of Certified Public Accountants and Accounting Experts Born in The National Council of the Labor Counselors Syndicate.

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Trade unions have highlighted the difficulty of providing some commitments, which has made them even more difficultUnavailability of previous invoices.

Moreover, as reported by several parties, in many cases, taxpayers and professionals who have already joined the e-invoice storage service did not understand The difference between joining this service and provided for counseling service.

In other words, they mistakenly thought that joining the save service automatically entails The ability to view electronic invoices.

Finally, the September 30th deadline stands out Many tax obligations.

For these reasons, the Revenue Agency reopens termsSubscribe to the service until the end of the year.

Revenue Agency – Provisions November 3, 2021
Re-opening the subscription terms for the consultation and acquisition service for electronic bills and their computer copies.

Electronic invoices, after the final deadline, the terms are reopened

with the Save the day today November 3, 2021, a new episode of the long history of e-invoice consulting service extensions is under writing.

The Interventions on the original table expected from Saving April 30, 2018 They are in two numbers.

After 8 postponements, the deadline has been set for February 28, 2021.

With its ninth postponement, the deadline for the transitional period was pushed back to last June 30.

It was later postponed to September 30, 2021.

After this date, which is the deadline to join the retroactive counseling service, the Revenue Agency is no longer authorized to make XML electronic invoices available to the taxpayer.

However, just over a month after the last deadline, The financial department reopens the terms until the end of the year.

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So there is still plenty of time to join the latecomers until December 31, 2021, if there is no further extension.

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