In England there is no petrol, endless queues at distributors

Anarchy broke out in England, gasoline is not enough for everyone, and quantities of fuel are extremely scarce. Indeed, this weekend there was a situation that was nothing short of dramatic, and also unusual. Endless queues at petrol stations, thousands of people stopped in their cars to get petrol.

What caused this moment of general “turmoil”? For the transportation crisis, there Few truck drivers Fuel bearing and this is the result. The country’s inventories began to decline, falling significantly. Giant BP cut gasoline and diesel supplies, and some service stations were even closed and blocked.

Not only BP, but also some refueling points of the American group ExxonMobil unfortunately reduced, which is why motorists formed very long queues, with Fear of running out of water. The city of London and the south of England are among the busiest in Britain, with most of the chaos happening in recent days. Government assurances are not enough to improve the situation.

Mr. Grant Shapps, Secretary of Transportation. (which also introduced the “number plate change” in Great Britain) pleaded to try Finish the race to the dealer. He wanted to reassure motorists, saying there was “a lot of fuel”. He also made an important statement during an interview, in which he said that the executive authority can request the court’s military intervention to command tankers if necessary. The driver shortage has been exacerbated by Brexit and the coronavirus pandemic, and apparently that’s why About 100,000 heavy vehicle drivers are missing. Downing Street reiterates that there is no fuel shortage, but there are those who, such as Rod McKenzie (the Road Transport Association, which represents the road transport sector), are accusing the government of inaction, and are also proposing seasonal visas for foreign truck drivers as a possible solution for the next few months.

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weekend windy In short, for the UK, not only for the fuel crisis, but also for the airports. In fact, thousands of arriving passengers were delayed due to a technical problem with the “electronic gates”, the self-service passport control gates. Edinburgh, Heathrow, Manchester and Gatwick were the hardest hit, although the Home Office maintains the problem was resolved within a short time.

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