Digital Terrestrial, The New Channel Has Changed In 5 Zones: Here’s Where

Awaiting the arrival of The second generation DVB-T2 Digital Terrestrial In the past few days there have been others The movements of the broadcasters On two MUX, which track the many movements of the past weeks. Once again, the regional broadcasters are changing, especially those in Northern Italy.

The MUXs who are interested in the changes really are Studio 1, Which broadcasts in Emilia-Romagna, Veneto, Lombardy, Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta, e Network 55, Which only broadcasts in Lombardy. Studio 1 was recorded Other changes already in the first half of March, With the addition of La 9 Nord (LCN 76) and its iteration called La 8 (LCN 81). These two broadcasters recorded the slight changes: an almost imperceptible change in the identifier from LA9 to LA 9 NORTH and LA8 to LA 8. Few will notice this change, also because it is in the same MUX Studio 1 Much more fundamental differences.

MUX Studio 1, New Channels

starting from MUX Studio 1 Login TV magic, Which broadcasts in H.264 encoding to LCN 231. Fascino TV currently does not have its own programs, but it is a duplicate of the program schedule Surrender 235, Is already on Rete A’s national MUX.

Also in MUX Studio 1, it disappears Bike tv Found in LCN 259: Going to this LCN, in fact, we now see a signal warning us that the issuer has switched to The HbbTV standardAnd, that is, hybrid digital television (here we have it An insight into what the HbbTV standard is), And therefore they can only be set via the Internet by connecting a set-top box or TV to the home network.

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MUX Rete 55, the new channels

For a few days inside The MUX 55 network Resend Malpensa Channel, To LCN 669 (and with channel ID 669). This broadcaster is not to be confused Malpensa TVIt is already in LCN 194 but it is actually broadcasting the broadcaster’s programs Greater Italy (In turn it is already in the LCN 254).

Instead, the announcer vanishes Systreet From LCN 188. It is a broadcaster from Piedmont also broadcasting in Lombardy and is now only visible in Piedmont.

Back on MUX Rete 55, we reported the arrival VCO Azzurra TV (LCN 658 and H. This is another Piedmont broadcaster who also broadcasts (only at certain times of the day) a schedule Swiss TV RSI La1.

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