Apple has other ideas, still working from home. The spread of Covid types scares the company

Counterorder, you stay home. Apple decided to at least keep its employees at home Until January 2022, thus postponing the return that was scheduled for him October. The decision was made for Concerns about increased infection Covid due to virus variants. Apple initially expected a return to normal Already in SeptemberBut then he put everything off for a month. Now, especially in light of his aggressiveness delta variable, Option to wait until next year. “I am aware of the frustration that the epidemic is far from over,” he wrote in a note to staff. Deirdre O’BrienOne of the group’s vice presidents. “For many colleagues around the world, this has been a time of great tragedy and suffering. Know that we are all here to support each other in these difficult times,” adds O’Brien.

Since the start of the pandemic, companies in California in Silicon Valley have focused a lot on remote work. Twitter e Facebook In particular, they were among the first tech companies to actually ask their employees to work from home In early 2020. On the other hand, Apple was initially the most reluctant company to adopt this way of working, for fear of losing the work culture to existence. end of last June 1800 employees However, they wrote a letter to Tim Cook On the pretext that the forced presence would have forced many of them to do so Leave the company.

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When employees are asked to return, they will have to work in the office at least three days a week – Monday, Wednesday and Thursday – while there will be the option to work remotely on Wednesday and Friday. Apple also has no plans to close its stores, and has not requested vaccination or testing at this time, unlike Google, Facebook, Uber or Lyft. They also recently postponed returning to the office Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, TwitterThe latter was forced to close its offices in San Francisco and New York even two weeks after reopening.

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