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“In Australia we’ll see how we go faster than Red Bull in a row” – OA Sport

Still looking for his first pole position and his first Formula 1 victory, However, Carlos Sainz could be partially satisfied with having secured a podium finish twice in the first two rounds of the 2022 Formula 1 World Championship.. The Spaniard from Ferrari finally has a car capable of fighting for the top, even if he’s paying duty at the moment compared to his teammate Charles Leclerc.

It was a tough race from the start. I think I got off to a good start, but Charles shut me down a bit and I couldn’t overtake even though I started better than them.. Then I suffered a little with the rubber. I improved compared to the last race, pressed a little bit more, I was more comfortable. I’ve pinpointed the angles where I struggle the most and once I’ve improved on them we’ll move on. It was a physical race, we sweated but fought back well“, the 27-year-old announces from Madrid after yesterday claiming third place in the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix behind Verstappen and Leclerc.

At the World Cup, Leclerc and I are there. I think it’s important in these early races that I don’t lose too many points until I feel completely comfortableBecause right now I’m not going like last year. Once I prepare the car, these points will become useful for the tournamentSainz (source: Marca) explains.

F1, Viewership record on Sky for Saudi Arabia race: 2 million spectators in Verstappen-Leclerc duel

Checo (Perez, ed) was unlucky with the safety car but rules are rules. I was in front of him at the exit from the pit lane and that was my attitude. At that point we had to hold onto third place. Red Bull was very fast and pressed us. For me it’s a step up from Bahrain, but in Australia we need to figure out how to go a little faster in a row than the Red Bulls.The Ferrari driver is already concluding his view of the next round of the world championship at the Melbourne circuit.

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