Prince Harry Victimized by Extensive Phone Hacking, Confirms UK High Court

Title: Duke of Sussex Awarded £140,600 in Phone Hacking Case Against Mirror Group Newspapers

In a landmark ruling, the Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry, has been awarded £140,600 ($179,000) in a phone hacking case against Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN). The UK High Court found MGN guilty of using unlawful methods, including phone hacking and the employment of private investigators, in 15 stories about Prince Harry.

A total of 33 articles were submitted as evidence, with less than half being proven to have employed unlawful practices. Prince Harry, along with three other claimants, filed the lawsuit against MGN, alleging that his phone had been hacked and illicit information about his life had been obtained over a 15-year period.

The court ruling highlighted that MGN had started using phone hacking as early as 1996 and continued the practice extensively until 2011. However, it was determined that Prince Harry’s phone had only been hacked to a modest extent.

In response to the judgment, Prince Harry released a statement, considering it a victory for truth and accountability. He emphasized the importance of a free and honest press, calling for responsible journalism.

An MGN spokesperson welcomed the court’s decision, expressing remorse for any historical wrongdoing and issuing an unreserved apology. The organization confirmed that appropriate compensation had been paid to Prince Harry.

This case is part of a series of lawsuits brought by Prince Harry against major UK newspaper publishers. Additionally, Prince Harry created history when he became the first senior member of the British royal family to give witness testimony in over 130 years during this trial.

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While the case against MGN has reached a conclusion, the lawsuit remains ongoing, and further updates are expected. Prince Harry’s pursuit of justice and accountability ensures that the media landscape continues to undergo scrutiny and reform.

As a platform dedicated to delivering unbiased news reporting, ‘The News Teller’ will be monitoring this case closely and providing updates as they unfold.

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