NBA Basketball, the Cup LeBron Lost: A Space Jam Actor in Jordan’s Footsteps

Maybe even Bugs Bunny is spending a million dollars healing the body like a king, because twenty-five years after his debut he will appear in great shape. But the crowd’s eyes will be on his team-mate: LeBron James. It will be released in the United States on July 16 Space Jam: A New Legacy, A sequel to the 1996 mixed-media movie, animation and real-life actors, which saw Michael Jordan in 1996 as a hero in the fight against the Aliens. What the basketball gods failed to do, Warner Bros. and LeBron himself, as a producer too, managed to pit the best of the two of their generation against the hypothetical parquet in Hollywood. The film aims to separate children from adults. For the former, there will only be the wonder of the hero, and for the latter, the grudge of confrontation. They’ve already gone on social media: Is LeBron going to roll on the floor demanding to make a mistake? Do they touch his baldness? But above all: Who will be the best of the two?

When LeBron saw Jordan in his childhood in cinema

When the first was released on November 15, 1996 Crowded place (He arrived in Italy February 97) Jordan was 33 years old and had four rings on his fingers. LeBron reaches the age of 36 and four titles, with the same shirt number, 23, determined to equal his idol at the age of 12, when he sees him in the cinema challenging Nerdlucks and decides to become him. In the beginning there was Bill Murray. In the second, there will be Don Cheadle. We’ll go from Larry Bird and Charles Barclay to Anthony Davis, Clay Thompson, and Diana Tauracy. But the upset Lonnie teammates don’t change: Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Page and Super Lola Bunny. LeBron will have to win the game to get home safely with his son, after being caught in virtual reality by a rogue algorithm, AI-G Rhythm, played by Don Cheadle. Director Malcolm Lee, like his cousin Spike, is a fan of the team LeBron used as his favorite boxing bag, the New York Knicks, but that didn’t stop him from creating a celebratory story of an athlete whose breadth was knocking everything out. Day for years.

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Fatal transformations of photography

LeBron has proven himself supernatural here, too. To shoot the movie, the king underwent stressful changes: filming lasted for two summers, trained at 3.30 in the morning, then went to the set. When he wore a turquoise and orange iTunes shirt for the first time, he told Ew magazine, he broke up and thought, ‘Mum I’m doing this for real, I’m really driving the ride. Crowded place“.” They will say – he explains now – that I do everything Jordan did, but I am an adult, I know who I am and what I want. They suggested that to him fifteen years ago, but he refused, it was too early, and now he does not appear empty: four titles against six for Jordan, but also eighteen championships against fifteen, 17 games in all Star matches against 14, and three thousand points, And three thousand rebounds, and four thousand more passes than his idol Crowded place Refers to one generation number. He comes just in time to dedicate a LeBron and reclaim the world, but a little late to sport time. They did this every ten years, Crowded place He could have written the script: Kobe Bryant.

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