IKEA doesn’t stop anymore: the big news costs only 2 euros and makes your mouth water

IKEA continues its expansion of novelties, but this time we are not talking about objects or furniture. The novelty this time relates to another category

Swedish company Ikea This year seems to be full of surprises and developments. There have been many brand new releases within the store, each year introducing more and more quality production and development of various furnishing products. Over the years, IKEA has also developed some other marketing strategies. In addition to the labyrinthine shape of the store, the company also wanted to work on the convenience of the store’s interior, giving importance to the time and presence of the customer, who can spend a lot of time inside.

In every Ikea store you can find one Food section And another where you can buy something to eat there on the spot, which is a kind of fast food that can be eaten directly inside the store, where customers can take a break before leaving or buy some food inside the food.

Another novelty arriving in IKEA stores. to try!

With regard to the ready-to-go section, Ikea tries to focus on foods that can be eaten quickly, right at break-time, even right before leaving. provides possibility Buy food Either savory, such as meatballs, hash browns, mini calzones and sausages, or some sweet like donuts, cookies and other easy and quick foods to munch on. Nothing excessive then, but above all nothing too expensive.

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What people love most about these little canteens has always been sausage. These long, savory buns, with sausage inside that can be enriched with sauces and crunchy onions, seem to be the strong point of the department, and they’re currently available in both meat and vegan options. The thing that most attracts customers, as with all other products in the store, is the very low prices.

The new variant of the Hot Dog arrives inside the Ikea canteen vegetarian

Ikea vegetarian hot dog
The vegan hot dog is an IKEA novelty (

In addition to the meat and vegetarian versions, Ikea also offers a vegetarian version to satisfy everyone’s tastes and food preferences. As many fast food restaurants have begun to do, the Swedish company wanted to offer something different and comprehensive, thus offeringVegan hot dog. It took a few years to come up with a tasty idea to suggest, so we decided to make these hot dogs using savoy cabbage, red lentils, and fennel seeds. The flavored hot dog also has a slightly smoky flavor that is very pleasant and rustic on the palate. It can be served alongside red cabbage, mustard, and crunchy onions just like in Sweden.

Currently, only vegan hot dogs are priced 1.50 euros, which makes it a more interesting snack to try, just like all Ikea products that combine quality and economy. The idea of ​​including vegan hot dogs in the savory food menu also came about because there has also been a huge demand lately for vegetarian and vegan dishes. In addition, IKEA has always been committed to providing sustainable and healthy food as well.

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