Eating these sweet legumes can cause harm, and we explain when and why

Most nutritionists complain about a lack of plant protein in most Italian diets. Often times, in fact, we all prefer to eat meat and eggs and leave out lentils and chickpeas. The latter, in addition to being a lighter option, is tasty and easy to digest.

However, a member of this group could be an unsafe food. Today we explain why eating these popular legumes can be harmful: let’s see when and why.

The cicerchie

This dish rich in protein and phosphorous is consumed mainly in southern Italy. In regions such as Marche, Puglia and Lazio. over there Cesearchia However, it should not be consumed regularly because it contains a neurotoxin called, in short, “ODAP” (which stands for Oxalyl Diaminopropionic Acid).

Excessive focus can lead to permanent paralysis of the legs. A similar situation was very common in the past, when farmers relied heavily on this ingredient, which is very resistant to droughts. Nowadays, awareness of the subject matter and wide choice of food reduces this risk to a minimum.

How to consume it safely

Certainly consuming this food from time to time is not a problem. This is mainly because current cultivation techniques try to keep the amounts of the neurotoxin in them under control. However, there are preparation methods that make it safer. We explain:

A) Soak in plenty of warm water for at least 24 hours, with the addition of salt;

B) when cooking, change the liquid;

C) Cook for a long time at high temperatures, in the normal way and with a pressure cooker.

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Today we’ve listed the reasons why eating these popular legumes might cause harm, and explain when and why. If you are interested in the world of nutrition, we also recommend that you check it out ArticleSalt substitute that fights water retention and excess weight:

(We remind you to carefully read the warnings for this article, which they can refer Who is the”)

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