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with advent New digital groundTVs that are unable to read the new HD format can no longer broadcast some Rai and Mediaset channels. The best solution is to buy a new TV, and also take advantage of various bonuses, but at the same time there is a fairly simple way to avoid changing a TV that, although it is old, is still fully functional.

In fact, a decoder is enough, the purchase of which requires about thirty euros, to keep spending to a minimum, avoid changing TVs and continue watching all the channels: just select a decoder enabled to receive the new digital terrestrial channels. Among other things, this is only the first stage of the transition that will end only in 2023: in the meantime, some channels are now broadcast exclusively in mpeg4, a video format that can only be supported by the latest TVs.

For this reason, ministerial directives have given broadcasters the right to choose whether and for what channels to start broadcasting in mpeg4 format starting from this date. Thus, the transition from the standard format to the HD format is not easy from an economic point of view: you can choose to buy a new TV, take advantage of bonuses, or save with a decoder.

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