“I wanted to conquer Maldini, a new stadium is a necessity”

“For me it was very important to win Paolo Maldini. In the end we spent three and a half hours together, which was great.” Jerry Cardinalthe new owner of Milan via red birdso talk to financial times One of the first steps he took after agreeing with Elliot and the Singer family. Maldini, technical area manager and one of the tournament’s architects, was reassured about his future at the heart of the new project.

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Tonali: “My first game in Milan helped me get the key to my country”

Cardinal: “We let Elliot participate as he pleases”

Regarding negotiations over the transfer of ownership and Elliott’s role in the new financial structure, Cardinale identified the following: “We closed the deal by allowing Elliot to continue participating the way he liked.” Cardinale, having come to Italian football, wants to transfer the American sports model to us. From an economic point of view and from the point of view of initiatives. Among these things is certainly the construction of the new AC Milan stadium.

Cardinal: “Milan should have its own stadium, world-class”

Cardinale has clear ideas about the new Rossoneri stadium: A brand of this size, like Milan, must have an infrastructure that demonstrates their footballing prowess and their global potential. We have a lot of experience in stadium projects in the United States. Milan and Italy deserve one World class stadium Which hosts the best of sports And theentertainment on a global scale.”

Sports and entertainment, a very trendy combination in the United States. That’s why we need a stadium that can be experienced seven days a week. Also to be able to compete with the British in terms of income: ‘There shouldn’t be that kind of difference in media revenue between league and the Premier League. But the Italian championship has a huge growth opportunity that can be exploited.”

Gattuso appears in Valencia: the first conference of the former Milan and Napoli

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Gattuso appears in Valencia: the first conference of the former Milan and Napoli

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