Bolivia’s health advisor Lopalco resigns: “The decision has been taken”

Foggia, 11/11/2021 – (ilquotidianoitaliano) The resignation of health advisor Pierluigi Lopalco. The decision has already been in the air for some time, but it seems that in the next few hours the official from the epidemiologist will arrive; “The Choice Is Now” is a staple that has been repeated in the region for several days. According to República Barry It seems that the relations between Emiliano and Lopalco have declined in the last period; The ruler often bypassed him in choices and in relations with the ASLs and with the bodies of his jurisdiction. The resignations come at a defining moment for Apulian healthcare in action between the third dose and the organization of vaccination centers and the flu campaign.

The next few weeks will see a new local ASL verti appointed, but the commissioner doesn’t seem to want to know more So much so that he did not even consider the profile of potential candidates while from the political wing there are those who began to push some names for the usual palace games. Political and personal chaos could affect the entire health system in Puglia which is struggling with the arrival of the fourth wave. (ilquotidianoitaliano)

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