Hyundai Ioniq 5 on top of the acoustic insulation test

Although some historical German brands were a bit late in the transition to electric mobility, they are still a reference for some characteristics to this day. One of the most important is assembly quality, a factor that is also reflected in the noise It is seen inside the passenger compartment.

This characteristic, which is important in petrol cars, becomes even more important for electric cars, due to the relative noise of the engine, which makes any other annoying sound appear overwhelmingly while driving. Recently the famous YouTuber Bjorn Nieland He was able to test Hyundai Ioniq 5Which has already begun to be delivered in Norway.

Ionic 5

One of the typical tests that Nyland performs on cars is specifically a test perceptible noiseat different cruising speeds. The Korean House’s electric crossover recorded 64.6 dB at 80 km/h, 67.1 dB at 100 km/h, and 68.7 dB at 120 km/h, with a final average of 67.11 dB.

The result is very interesting, poses Above many Tesla models, or rather at the top of the ranking, accompanied by the above German cars. except for exceptions Peugeot e-2008, subordinate Jaguar I-Pace, and based on Xpeng P7 performance, many German brand cars took the first places. Confirmation of the goodness of the Hyundai project after See incredible numbers for the charging curve, which we brought back to you a few days ago.

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