Real estate surveys: From February 1 changes

Effective February 1, 2021, consultation procedures
Cadastral databases. L ‘Revenue Agency Activate the new Information technology platform The name of the object Integrated Territory System (You sit down), To perform the functions related to the cadastre and geographic mapping services, as well as in relation to the integrated cadastre.

Cadastral Database Consulting: Providing Revenue Agency

To inform him is Rule 26 January 2021, reserve. 20143 By the Director of the Revenue Agency who has been clarified that, from February 1, 2021, it will be gradually operationalized throughout the national territory, with the exception of regions where the cadastral registry is managed, by authorization from the state, the provinces of Trento and Bolzano, the technological system known as the Integrated Territory System (SIT ), To perform the functions of competence related to land registration and geographical services for mapping, as well as in relation to the integrated cadastral registry.

Services available at SIT

The new technological system developed by the Revenue Agency allows for the release of:

  • For surveys of cadastral documents:
    • depending on the subject
    • For every property
    • List the property
    • Part of the map;
  • From the following survey documents:
    • Plans of buildings
    • Engineering retrofit metrics manuals;
    • Studies of credit points.
    • Lists of credit points coordinates.

They can be consulted just by looking:

  • Surveying works on paper;
  • Engineering modernization work.
  • Area-triangular point studies;
  • Survey documents, if they are exclusive on paper.

It is permissible to view the plans of urban real estate units, in accordance with the provisions in force, at the request of the owner, the owner, or the owner of the right to enjoy the real estate unit, or whoever proves that he exists. Acting on their behalf.

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Census information relating only to classification and income of real estate units remains available on the website of the Revenue Agency, and can be consulted directly through property identification or subject matter details.

How to use remote wiping services

Electronic surveys are conducted through:

  • Direct access services available on the corporate website of the Revenue Agency, subject to acceptance of the terms of service and payment of due taxes;
  • The services available in the authenticated access area to the institution’s website, subject to compliance with the terms of service and payment of due taxes.

Remote counseling that is done without taxes, under an express provision of the law, is only permitted through access to advisory services for mortgage databases and available space in the certified area of ​​the Revenue Agency website to adhere to the terms of service.

To request surveys in offices and in decentralized cadres, the user submits a specific request on forms compatible with those posted on the website of the revenue agency.

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