Here’s what happens to the Revenue Agency

There are millions of tax bills that can be canceled because the Revenue-Collections Agency sent them from pec is invalid. What does the financier do in this case?

Before explaining what to do and how to oppose the file, let’s see what the Electronic Notices of Documents Act says.

Sending tax invoices electronically: Law

The Notify verbs electronically They must actually comply with the provisionsart. 3- Biss of Law 53/1994: The sender should only use an approved email address (pec) that appears in public lists. There is, too veto I got involved with wholesale no. 17346/2019 and with wholesale no. 3093/2020And the which confirm the need to include the approved e-mail address of the sender in the public lists indicated by Law 221/2012: Ipa, Reginde, and Ini-pec.

If not, thenThe act has no legal effects and the notification does not exist.

Illegal folder notification via invalid pec

A taxpayer who receives a notification from Pec that is not caused by these records has the right not to open and delete them, to avoid falling into one of the most prevalent scams on the web: phishing.

More recently, also CTR Lazio, with sentence n. Number 915 of February 28, 2022 clarified that Pec Notices to the Collector’s Agent must be sent from approved email addresses extracted from public records.

According to the Rome Tribunal for Cash Transfers (Sentence No. 2799/2020), this defect cannot be remedied even by appealing the file itself.

What should a person receiving an invalid certified email file do?

A taxpayer who receives a tax invoice and suspects that the sender has used invalid pec must first of all Check out Pec:

  • Connection Organization’s website from which the message is coming and check if the Pec address is the actual address;
  • Verify that the address is in public records From Pec, IPA, Reginde and Ini-pec titles.
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Once you confirm that the address is not the official address (the only legitimate address is [email protected]) and was not present in the records, the The taxpayer can ignore it.

Until – the amount requested by the entity on file has not been paid – the foreclosure, administrative foreclosure, or mortgage will not arrive. Only in this case the taxpayer has to do so appeal defends the truth Did not receive the deed.

How is an invalid financial tax notice appealed?

Let’s see now Procedure to continue to do Appeal against tax notice Sent by the commission is invalid.

First you need to select Competent judge:

  • Regional Tax Commissionfor notifications indicating non-payment of taxes (Irpef, Imu, VAT, Tari, Auto Tax, etc.);
  • peace justice if the file refers to road fines or administrative penalties;
  • Ordinary court – Work section, if folder says Delete Push Contributions Inps or Inail.

At this point, it is possible to notify the application correctly by saving it in the history. The judge determines a hearing in which the taxpayer must participate by documenting his or her status.

The taxpayer can file an appeal independently, but for the successful outcome of the procedure, it is recommended to contact an accountant or a lawyer (when the jurisdiction is within the competence of the tax commission).

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