London City Airport is the first airport to drop a base travelers hate

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London City Airport is the first airport in the UK to remove the 100ml liquid limit for hand baggage. This is a great development for travelers who no longer have to worry about carrying liquids in their hand luggage!

The East London Travel Center is making travel easier by waiving commuters in time for Easter. Modern CT scanners, similar to scanners in hospitals, will replace outdated airport scanners by the end of March. amazing!

Passenger bags are scanned in high definition in 3D which helps the staff to check them from all angles. This provides a significant advantage over traditional screening methods.

The increase in the liquid limit to two liters is very convenient for passengers, who can now carry large bottles of sunscreen and a lot of drinks with them. This change has made air travel more enjoyable and stress-free.

London City Airport is in a great location, just a 22-minute tube ride from the city centre. It is suitable for anyone who wants to travel quickly and comfortably to and from East London.

The airport has an extensive network of domestic and European flights, along with some international routes. More UK airports will also soon eliminate the need to pack all liquids.

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